Our Digitalization Strategy – Nolwazi Dube – 9 April 2020

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Our Digitalization Strategy – Nolwazi Dube – 9 April 2020

On the 9th April 2020, Nolwazi Dube our HR & Training Consultant will be sharing with us Ziyana Business Consulting and Training’s new strategy and approach to digitalization. Please tune in on all our social media platforms.

Digitising is transferring analogy information and processes into digital using digital technology as part of an organisations strategy to provide an efficient and effective customer experience.

Digitisation minimises noise and cuts out the middle man which results in increased profits.

Digitisation is a disruptor of the status quo.

Digitisation interventions are long term strategies and require extensive research.

Use of digitisation makes data analytics readily available to organisations to understand customer trends and needs.

Covid19 crisis has forced us to re-look at how we render our services to our clients without compromising quality in a digital age.



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  1. Noma says:

    I’m truly excited about this one. I can’t wait for this information. Digitalization is the way to go!

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